property photography

Interior and Architectural Photography

For companies operating in Zakopane and Podhale, we offer professional interior photography and buildings service. The Offer is mainly aimed at hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. We may perform advertising photographs of products, rooms and facilities for use on the Internet or for offsets or digital printing. All photos are subjected to a computerized editing of accurate retouching to meet the highest demands of the advertising market.

Those of you who want to make the next step, we propose to perform virtual tours of Your facilities, the execution of panoramic photos of 360 degrees, the standard Google Street View, or the execution of short films/presentations, showing the strengths Your object.

Photos of hotels and apartments

Sample prices of the apartments, consisting of 3-4 rooms (living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette)-about 15-20 retouching photos from each apartment.

  •  1 Apartment – Price 400 PLN/apart.
  • 2-4 Apartments – Price 300 PLN/apart.
  • 5-9 apartments for Rent – Price 250 PLN/apart.
  • ≥ 10 apartments – Price 200 PLN/apart.

Includes retouching photos with resolution suitable for websites, AIRBANDB, Trivago, etc. or offset/digital printing.

Photo Processing Time – a few days.

Prices of guest rooms photos

Picture prices of guest rooms (room + bathroom)-about 6-12 retouching photos.
  •  1 room – Price 300 PLN/Room
  • 2-4 Rooms – Price 200 ZL/Room
  • 5-9 Rooms – Price 180 PLN/Room
  • 10 and more rooms – price 160 PLN/Room
The price of retouching photos of quality and resolution suitable for the Internet hotel services.
Photo Processing Time – up to a few days.

Sample price list in a package offer

Classic Packages (correction of perspective, white balance, discoloration, contrapments, etc., tailored to Web services e.g. Booking and websites)

  • 10 photos = 400 zł (40 PLN/photo)
  • 20 Photos = 700 zł (35 PLN/photo)
  • 50 photos = 1500 zł (30 PLN/photo)

Premium Packages (All in „classic” and HDR for contrast scenes, retouching blemishes, cables, caves, additional portable lighting, files that are also suitable for printing, for example. Ads

  • 10 photos = 500-700 zł (50-70 PLN/photo)
  • 20 photos = 900-1200 zł (45-60 PLN/photo)
  • 50 photos = 2000-2500 zł (40-55 PLN/photo)

(There are Always a lot more shots than those included in the package, each additional photo = 50% of the packet price).

Each package applies to a single town or a single photo day.

Photo Processing Time – up to a few days.

All prices quoted on the website do not include VAT.

    * This does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions